Name: Campbell House Holidays 2019
Location: Museum
Time: 12/21/2019 12:00 PM
Duration: 4 hours

Campbell House Holidays 2019

Time: 12 pm to 4 pm

Cost: Regular Museum Admission, Plus $2  

*The $2 per person up charge to participate in Campbell House Holidays applies to non-members. Campbell House Holidays admission is not available to purchase online. Please check-in at the admissions desk upon arriving at the Museum to purchase your ticket(s). 

The year is 1914, and Grace and Helen Campbell are preparing to join their extended family in Wallace, Idaho for the Christmas holiday. The house is busy with preparations for travel and celebration. Gifts are being wrapped, cookies are being baked, and community events are being organized.

Join us for twelve special days in December as we celebrate the holidays in historic Campbell House and learn how Norman Rockwell’s distinctive illustrations left a lasting influence on the way the American people celebrate the Christmas holiday in a special exhibition, Helen Campbell’s Spokane Meets Norman Rockwell’s America.

Explore the house at your own pace, enjoy the Christmas tree and decorations, participate in a fun craft and activity, and interact with living history characters.   

Presented in conjunction with the Museum's Norman Rockwell’s America” exhibition

Helen Campbell’s Spokane Meets Norman Rockwell’s America

Born in 1894, just two years after Helen Campbell, Norman Rockwell grew up in a household that shared many of the Campbell Family’s late Victorian values. Norman Rockwell created images of an idyllic America that was quite different from the realities of life, blending fact and fiction into a reflection of the nation’s dearest held hopes. Helen Campbell lived her own dichotomy balanced between the Victorian high-society life of her parents, and the new ideas and opportunities in Spokane’s rapidly changing Progressive Era. Though they grew up in very different situations, Rockwell and Campbell both faced the age-old dilemma of expectation versus reality.


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