Name: Practical Centering: Pilates & Yoga Webinar #5
Date(s): 8/19
Time: 11:00a - 11:25a
Ages Allowed: 10 - 99

Practical Centering: Pilates and Yoga (Webinar # 5)

Title: Desk Freedom Exercises 

Instructor: Larkin Barnett

Dates to View: August 19 - August 26, 2020 (Participants May Watch This Webinar As Many Times As They Desire During This Time Period, Only). A link and pass code will be provided for you at the email address provided during registration on the morning of Wednesday, August 19.

Time: 25 to 30 minutes

Cost: $13.50, members, $15, non-members

Limit: 25

Location: Off Campus

Virtual Museum Class Description: During this webinar "Desk Freedom Exercises" Ms. Barnett focuses on how to maximize your body’s need for exercise, while sitting. The benefits include immunity boost, better concentration, calmness, and vitality. The webinar includes a short participatory exercise with the instructor to start you on the road to practicing on your own after the webinar. *A computer with Internet access is required to participate. 

About This Webinar Series: Through this new weekly Pilates and Yoga webinar series, students will participate from the comfort of their own home. Led by Spokane-based Polestar-Certified Pilates instructor Larkin Barnett, who has been teaching Pilates and Yoga for over 40-years and written five books on breathing and movement techniques, participants will learn a different aspect of Ms. Barnett's life-transforming tools to help you “hit the body’s re-set button” for longer interludes of mental peace, emotional resilience, and physical stamina each week. 


Note: Ms. Barnett will offer a new webinar topic each week. Each weekly webinar will be available for viewing on Wednesdays, and can be watched at your leisure during a seven-day period through the following Tuesday. You may register for as many sessions as you like.*Printed materials from Ms. Barnett’s books and her other publications, and the exercise materials illustrated and presented by her in this webinar may not be used or reproduced in any format or media. 

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